About India

We advise you to bring a photocopy of your passport and current visa with your personal stuff.

As for the type of currency, it is preferable to come with euros you can easily switch to the local currency, the rupiah. The exchange rate fluctuates between 55 and 65 rupees per 1 euro, depending on the currency markets. You can also use your credit card to withdraw cash at ATMs that find very often ..

According to the season, recommendations vary based on the weather and the best costume for her, although southern India has a mild climate so it is recommended to wear clothing spring and summer. Travel in July and August is monsoon rains, so bring a raincoat, socks and closed shoes are a good idea.

Prudence is always good standard, so it is good to take precautions:

Drink bottled water.

Do not eat salads of vegetables or fruits that do not remove the skin. Nor should drink juices, usually

Maintain good hydration. Coconut drink a day provides good minerals and protects your stomach.

Use high sun protection and not overly exposed to the sun.

Respect for the culture of the place you visit should also be present dressing decently, respecting the different places of worship and country standards.

Please come with a spirit of learning and adapting to the conditions you are going to find to maximize your trip