Spritual india with mountains
Spritual India with Mountains

Duration: 13 Nights / 14 Days

Places to visit: Delhi - Agra - Rishikesh - Dharamshala - McLeod Ganj

The first phase of our spiritual journey begins in the capital of India, New Delhi. Besides being the capital city is the cultural capital of India. Our stay in Delhi, will take place in the Global Village of Art - an emerging multi-cultural community of creative individuals through the celebration of life with art and heart. This international residential arts center is unique because it combines artist residencies with indigenous traditions, such as yoga, massage and meditation in an environment of village community. It is a town of 3 hectares, you can walk between the tranquil gardens and ponds, see and hear exotic birds while living and working in workshops of artists who are an organic blend of contemporary design and traditional construction of bamboo, mud and straw.

Day 1:  Delhi

Orientation session to the global village of the arts. Guidance for meditation and yoga session by an expert in Spanish. In this session the foundation for our meditation sessions feel to follow in the next two weeks. Visit the "Dilli Haat" - An improved version of the traditional weekly market, which offers a delicious blend of art, food and cultural activities. Spread over a wide area of ​​six hectares, gardening imaginative, creative planning, and the traditional village architectural style have combined to produce the perfect environment for a "Haat" (market). Meditations night / yoga / massage session.

Day 2: Agra

Early morning transfer to the city of Agra, home to world famous "Taj Mahal". Tourism Taj Mahal accompanied by a Spanish guide. Visit the world heritage site - Fatehpur Sikri. Tie a knot of desire in the tomb of Salim Chisti, it is a common belief in India, and when desire is fulfilled completely, go back to open the knot. Transfer back to the Global Arts Village (Delhi).

Day 3: Rishikesh

Departure from the Global Arts Village Ashram meditation in Rishikesh. It is traditionally known as the spiritual capital of the world. From the legendary music such as the "The Beatles", the new celebrity was as an actor Kate Winslet - everyone wants to come to this city of Yogi and temples. It is believed that meditation in Rishikesh brings us closer to achieving salvation or moksha, like a dip in the holy river that flows through the city. In the evening meditation / yoga sessions at the Ashram or on the banks of the Ganges River.

Day 4:  Morning Meditations / Ayurvedic massage yoga session

Will shine kuego taking these two treatments: rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage or relaxation massage. This is a traditional method that uses special oils and therapeutic herbs to provide a dose of India for body care, will help ease the physical and mental strain. The relaxation massage is a subtle, gentle and effective, and deep touch therapy to restore health from within. Relaxation, presence and witness of internal changes, providing excellent preparation for meditation space that is healing and regeneration. These massages will take place every day during our stay in Rishikesh to Haridwar Reduce to see the Ganges - Aarti (prayer) on the banks of the Ganges River. The Ganga Aarti held at 7 pm every night, is a spectacular sight when Aarti ceremony is performed in all temples in Haridwar at the same instant.

Day 5:

Trekking in the Himalayas with a teacher of yoga and meditation. The idea is that you can walk, breathe clean air and at the same time is the Zen master walking meditation. When you reach a particular point will the yoga class every day on top of the hill. Lunch will be served at the top and we get back in time to witness the evening markets in Rishikesh. The purpose of these walks is mediation to unite your mind, body and spirit to the rhythm of existence!

Day 6:

This day is reserved for leisure activities. You can do what you want, of course we are always there to offer advice as to determine their activity. Some of the options are visiting the markets every day in Rishikesh, temples / shopping, visiting and / or meeting with the priest in the Spanish translator Rafting in the Ganges River. Private meeting with an astrologer, lessons Trantrix mediation Sex Visit to various ashrams, mediation centers and personalized Yoga sessions and massage bath in the holy river Ganges rickshaw ride around town have Chai (tea) with sadhus on the banks of the Ganges River

Day 7 : Early in the morning Yoga / Meditation session in Rishikesh

Departure to Delhi by road visit Akshardham temple complex - an amazing world of Indian culture adorned with 20,000 statues, floral motifs, arches, exquisitely carved pillars. Dinner at an ethnic restaurant India - "Punjabi by nature Dharamsala

Day 8: Dharamshala

Transfer to Dharamsala by air (Dharamsala is a hill station in the Himalayas, which is famous as the residence of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile in McLeod Ganj. It is a popular destination for travelers alternative). Besides transfer Nisarg Meditation Retreat - An incredible retreat nestled in a valley a few kilometers before Dharamsala. This will be our base camp for the next 7 days. Nisarg Himalayas is a beautiful meditation center that gives a person seeking an opportunity to deepen the inner journey in silence. Set amidst the lush nature vegetation, streams singing, Nisarg meditation retreat is the name of a meditation center newly built near Dharamsala, with a backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. Orientation Nisarg meditation retreat and our program there. Meditations at night and dinner next to a campfire.

9-13 day morning Sessions ( meditation, yoga session and massage sessions)

Meditation is the practice of spiritual traditions: Tibetan Buddhism, Buddhism, Sufism, Tantra, Yoga, Gurdjieff's fourth way school; Osho and Shiva. These include active and Caregivers Down Meditations meditations based on simple techniques drawn from the rich spiritual traditions that exist in India and designed for our modern world. These meditations will be chaired by experts and are specially designed to help rejuvenate your inner self and be relaxed. Experiential sessions, presentations, workshops or ceremonies presented in English by experts in the field of art, culture and consciousness. These issues may have the following areas: • Contemporary Art of India • Classical • Intuitive Tarot wisdom Tantric Dances • Indian • Reiki • Ayurveda - A Way of Life • Osho - Gurdjieff Sacred Dances Buddhism • • India • Marriage Ceremony • Crystal Healing • The visits of the Temples - Day tour to see the temple rituals every day of different religions.

 9-13 Day Afternoon Session

Visit the Monastery Norbulingka - Norbulingka was established to preserve and teach the ancient Tibetan art. The shady paths, wooden bridges, small streams small water jump, make this place look like heaven. Here you can see the woodcarving and embroidery while you are making. The convent near the school is a place where women are taught the advanced level of Buddhist philosophy. Visit the Palace of His Holiness the Dalai Lama 14 and T suglakhang Buddhist temple. Visit several monasteries in McLeod Ganj - McLeod Ganj Dharamsala is sister city. This is the seat of His Holiness the "Dalai Lama". Visit the Monastery Karmappa: Spiritual lessons Karmappa itself (if available) through an English translator. Visit the picturesque surroundings of Naddi, Niagara and Bhagsu Shiva cafeteria. Meditation Trekking: trek Triund small, meditation classes during the trekking (walking Zen, Tao, etc) and meditations in the opening under the blue roof reasons (subject to weather conditions). Meeting with staff astrologer, tarot reader. Tibetan cuisine classes. Free day for leisure in retirement. Personal Massage yoga sessions

Day 14:

Transfer Nisarg meditation retreat (Dharamsala) to Delhi by air, plus Indira Gandhi International Airport exits with an inner   rejuvenated.